Sunday, April 15, 2007

Missouri Christian Convention

Considering how this is my blog for my travels, I guess that would include Friday/Saturday's trip to Springfield for the Missouri Christian Conventions. Frontline was to play in the teen sessions. Unfortunately, we didn't get to leave the school until Friday at 10am, and so we got there at 12:30ish. Now you see, this wouldn't have been much of a problem. Except the part where the first session was at 3! We had to set everything up in 2.5 hours. This usually is not a problem. Except this time, we had to use our projector and our screen.

In steps trouble. That stupid who knows how much it cost projector. We got it set up, but it was really blurry. So we moved it back about 10feet. It helped a little, but not really. We mess around with it for an HOUR and get it so it's at least not blurry. At least not blurry? What else was wrong with it, you might ask. Well, the fact that it only showed a quarter of the screen!! The upper left part of the stuff I was projecting. It was zoomed into that section of it, somehow.

This is where I have to calm myself in speech, because once I was able to sit down
after the opening session, and try to fix it, it was fixed in 5 seconds. However, this guy that we're training for next year, he wouldn't move so I could fix it before the show!! AHHHH!!

Ok, and then during one of the sessions, the projector decided something on it's own. No joke, it SHUT OFF during one of the session! AH!

Then, we were going to Pizza Hut, and as I get out of the passenger seat, and everyone else was getting out of the back of the bus, a cup falls out. I bend over to pick it up before it blows away, and I stand back up.
Right under the bus mirror. Can you say OW! I seriously thought I was going to black out. Those people mover mirrors feel like concrete coated in hard plastic! My knees instantly buckled, and so I just stayed crouching for about 5 minutes. The waitress was really nice though, so that made up for it.

After that, we went to it. It? Yes. It. The Bass Pro Shop of Springfield. The Granddaddy of them all! It's the second time I've been there, but it is so amazing! That also helped make the trip better.

There were some other technical issues, mostly in my video department, but I don't feel like recalling them all. Matt Proctor was the speaker, and so that was cool. On the way back, we stopped at Fuddruckers for dinner. Pizza Hut and Fuddruckers (and Bass Pro!) in one day? Can it get any better than that? I submit that it cannot!

But. On one final note. No matter how horrid of a trip it was, there is one redeeming factor: the knowledge that somehow, in someway, God will use it.

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