Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mixed responses

I'm getting some mixed responses about whether or not I can start raising support. I'm told by some that I should start raising support. Others are telling me to wait until June. So for now, if you want to donate, go here. If you want to wait until June, that is fine too. I will make sure to update everyone on when I know that I officially can start raising support.

Of course, that is just the financial side of support. If you are willing to support me with prayer (which no agency nor person can stop me from asking for that type of support!),
please do so!

Also, if you would like to be on my newsletter list (which will basically be me putting the blog in an email, and also having a link to the blog,) just tell me in someway, preferably by leaving a comment on here.

Thank you! Off to class now.

1 comment:

OzarkMom said...

You're signed up to go - I say, get that fundraising going! (Of course, I'm just a Mom!)