Monday, April 9, 2007

New Blog

So I just set up a new blog, so that I can post of my exploits. Mainly to Germany (i.e. Peine!) I will keep everyone updated on my fund raising (which I found out that with LST, it can be tax deductible!), as well as other aspects of the trips. I will especially keep this updated while overseas. I have to get back to homework right now, but I'll try to update this semi-regularly.

I'll also try updating the profile and also the links and other stuff on here.

Ciao (or rather, Auf wiedersehen!)

ps The blog title "Ramblings of a Madman" is a joke with an Italian I met named Francesco. Oh, he's also written a book btw, so go buy it from him! Or through me! It's only $20!!!

1 comment:

francesco said...

Hey there!
See, you really are a german...
Good luck with everything you do, and let us improve linking and all, this is the only way we can flip globalization up, and turn it into something more human, even through machines...and you german- scientist looking one surely know what I'm talking about...