Wednesday, April 25, 2007 that jazz...

Alrighty, I was hoping to get some major support from someplace, but unfortunately that's not going to work out. So, I'm definitely going to be doing a lot of letter writing this summer!

Support...if you'd like to help me in any of these areas:
1. Moral Support (Pretty much encouragement prefield, on the field, and when I return.)
2. Logistic Support (Handling details, not really needed for this trip. Maybe for my internship.)
3. Financial Support (Second most important support, other than prayer. Other than that, self-explanatory.)
4. Prayer Support (PLEASE pray!*)
5. Communication Support (Help me to stay in touch with America. For this trip, email will have to do. For my internship, snail mail would be really comforting.)

*Challenges that I may face that you could pray for:

Umm...also, Reentry support. But of course, you could just read The Reentry Team by Neal Pirolo, and learn all about that. Of course, that's also where I got these 2 lists. (Yes. I enjoyed it. And I hope someone close to me takes the time to read it.)

What poured here for about 12 hours or so. I played mud football. My shorts and shirt look like I rolled in the mud. Which I did. And it was amazing. And now, to bed!

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francesco said...

yo, Karl!
You have all my moral support and prayer...
Keep it up!