Friday, August 31, 2007

Cousin ran away...please pray

This isn't related to my trip, but it's my family, so it's even more important.
My mom forwarded this to me. My cousin's son ran away Thursday afternoon.
Chuck and I need prayer for our 15 year old son. He ran away yesterday at 1PM. He was caught not doing school work and when confronted, rather than admitting his sin, he blamed the family for failing him and left in a tantrum. He is on a mountain bike. We live near Tramway and Comanche. He contacted 1 friend from the Office Depot on San Mateo and

I-25 to help fix a tire. He called us last night at 5:30 from a pay phone on Kirtland saying he was leaving on a bus for Colorado (not sure why Colorado). Please send this out to anyone that will pray for him or else that might see him. He is in APD's system and on the National Run Away list.

Kurik Brown 5'8
White/ Anglo
Red/ blonde hair and blue eyes.
He is built well, physically fit in appearance.
On a silver and black mountain bike.
Last heard from on Kirtland AFB.

Thank you. If anyone sees him, they can call 242-COPS or call Chuck and I..
He needs help, and right now only God knows where he is (physically and spiritually.) So please pray.

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