Saturday, September 22, 2007

LATM and Seminar

Good morning! I decided now would be a good time to write a little update on my job thus far, as well as tell about the seminar in which I am.

To start off, my job at LATM has been amazing! Well, I did have to inventory their stock of 40,000 books, cds, and tracts, but other than that, I love it! There are times when Phil and Ralph start speaking en español. Then I just try and pick up on whatever I can, which tends to go fairly well, considering I lived in Nuevo México all my life, aside from the time I've been in JoMo. As far as what I've been doing at work, I fold up and put into envelops thank you letters, do organizational stuff, and currently my main work is the new website, which hopefully will be up and running within the semester.

The seminar of which I spoke is Preparation for Cross Cultural Missions, which is a prereq for missions internships. It was all afternoon yesterday, all day today, and then another weekend in November. It pretty much outlines all the basics (and then some!) that you should know, in a massive notebook that has over 300 pages (well, they're not numbered, that's just what I'm guessing.) Everything we've covered so far I learned in Foundations for Missions, Missions Ministry in the Church, and Perspectives of the World Christian Movement. It's been good to have the knowledge refreshed, though.

That's all I can think of for now.
Keep me in prayer, mainly because I have only $130 out of $3300 needed, but also my workload. I need to find someone that will let me borrow their car on Sundays, so I can go to early service at church, and then spend the rest of the day at MSSU's Library (since OCC's is closed on Sunday.)


melanie said...

hah, id let you borrow my car except... well... you dont live in amarillo.

and about your total you have so far for your trip... technically you have more than that... cuz i have money thats slowly growing in a jones soda bottle on my dresser for you... i just havent given it to you yeeeeeet.

anywho, i wouldnt worry about it too much...


p.s. spanish is fun.

Karl said... a jones bottle...? How are you going to get it out? Break it open? Because that could be fun. (Unless you're talking about coins. But that would still be fun to break open.)
Ya, except I get mixed up with pronunciations. Lol.

melanie said...

well the jones bottle was already mostly full of pennies and dimes (quarters and nickels won't fit) that i would put in there when i'd clean out my wallet... and when i started putting money aside for your trip i didn't know where to put it where i wouldn't spend it lol... so i put it in that bottle... so since it was almost full i just fold up the bills and stick them in there on top of the change... so it's pretty easy to get out... if you can get that without seeing what i'm talking about haha... it's kinda hard to explain

oh, speaking of jones.... those jerks got rid of the strawberry lime kind!! that was like.. my favorite... atleast i think they got rid of it.. cuz everywhere i've been that sells jones doesn't have it anymore.... :-(