Saturday, October 20, 2007

RawTalk - Hardcore Christians Go Gaming

God's funny. I started listening to the Christian rock radio station from back home ( this week, via the internet. As I was doing homework, they were talking about their recent RawTalk episode, from October 14th. It was about Christians using the gaming world as a ministry! The irony could not escape me: The week I decide to start listening to it, is the week that they spoke about something I want to do! So I'm sharing this with you, for those of you that may have qualms about me opening a video game center as ministry, or maybe you just want to know more.
You can either download the mp3 here: MediaFire
or go to the RawTalk page, and download from the website. On the list, it's under October 14, topic is Hardcore Christians Go Gaming, and you just click the arrow (under "Get), to download it.

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Kirk said...

thats cool!!!
i miss u!!!!!

Karl said...

Hey little bro,
I miss you too! I'll be coming home in 4 weeks for Thanksgiving and your bday!
Be good,
Love you

Anonymous said...

aww if that isnt precious...


aside from the brotherlt love.. thats awesome (the blog, i mean.)

melanieee. said...

that wasnt supposed to be anonymous, oops.