Saturday, November 17, 2007


After 14 hours of being in a car, I am finally home! I got in between 2 and 3 this morning, and due to how much I slept on the way back, I was wide awake. So I drove around the 'burque for about 30 minutes, getting some stuff at Wally World, picked up 2 Green Chile Double Cheeseburgers at Mickey D's, and revelled in the street signs that make sense, not to mention speed limits that make sense (as opposed to the speed limit on Joplin's Main St being 20 mph!) Anyways, I had a real breakfast burrito this morning, and it was absolutely amazing. I had it smothered in real green chile. Just glorious.

Anyways, I'm home until Sunday/Monday (after the holiday), so I'll be enjoying my break, for the most part. I unfortunately have 4 books to read (about 300 pages total, (maybe 400 pages).) I also have a sermon brief to write, and I need to memorize Mark 16 by Thursday the 29th. Also on the schedule is doing massive fund raising and support letter (re)writing. Speaking of this, I have some unfortunate news. Due to America's dollar continuing to drop in value, especially in regards to the Euro, my trip next summer has gone up in price. I must now raise $3500 ($200 more.)

Please pray that all the funds come in on time (I have $385 right now), as well as for all the missionaries currently in Europe, who rely on support from the states. I know several missionaries who are in the states right now, and this is a very real issue.

Thanks for everything! Enjoy the holiday!


melanie said...

is that counting what i will contribute, or no? 'cause that's still collecting.

Karl said...

No, that's without. I forgot how much you're going to give.