Friday, December 7, 2007


Well, I've got one more week left! Here's what school work awaits me:
1. Bible Lands and Lifeways (online class) - 8 pages of map work
2. BLL - 5 Lessons to take notes on
3. Manuscript Sermon on Revelation 21-22 (This = my final for Homiletics. It's due by 5pm Tuesday.)
4. Principles Final - Wednesday
5. Life of Christ 4 Final - Thursday
6. BLL Final - Friday, but I'll take it before then so I don't have to take stuff home.

Oh...and a book for Principles.

Then...the long awaited Christmas break. I've got homework over it, but I'll wait 'til it comes to think about that.

Off to dinner. Ciao.

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