Sunday, January 6, 2008


Greetings from Boatman 104!
I finally was able to move back into the dorm today. I've got most of my stuff set up, but I still have clothes to hang up, and books to rearrange for this coming semesters books. As I glance up at my bookshelves, I can clearly see something must be moved. But that's not important. Right now, what's important is deadlines.

Oh yes, the joy of deadlines. Not just any deadlines, mind you. Rather, these are financial deadlines, for missions. My 6 week trip to Germany this summer has one penny short of $500, as of right now. February 1st is when I need half of the $3500 for the trip, meaning I need to raise $1250 in just 3 weeks. April 1st is when the 2nd half is due.

Please, prayerfully consider going to my donation page, and let the Spirit do the number pushing. In the meanwhile, I have a week long Creation and Science course for 8 hours a day this week which will consume most of my time. Whenever I have a little free time, though, I will be revising my support letter.

Until then, I bid you adieu.
In His Service,

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melanie said...

i'm still collecting for ya.