Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ice, ice, and more ice.

First we get sent home early last semester because of a destructive ice storm. Then in January, we had a pretty rough bout with more ice. And just last week we had more ice. And the forecast tells of yet more coming tomorrow. Will it ever end? I suppose I find this more enjoyable than the overwhelming humidity during all non-winter months, but it's still tiring. Yet we march onwards...

For a quick update on fundraising: My page shows 2416, but a friend will be donating $300 once they get paid, and another friend is still saving up money that they will donate sometime in March. I'm suspecting that this will leave me at $500 remaining! My bones can almost not handle the excitement at being that close. I love it.

This morning, I called Marcus, in Ancona, and talked to him for about 25 minutes. It was really encouraging to talk to a fellow European missionary. After exchanging some prayer requests, we said "ciao" and I ran off to 7am Apologetics. One prayer request that is very urgent is one of the Ancona church members has something wrong with his bone marrow, and it's gotten even worse. Please pray for miraculous healing!

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OzarkMom said...

Isn't it amazing how God works when we let Him?

Father, be with the Ancona church member. Help the docs to know exactly what's wrong and how to treat it. Give the person strength to endure, and be with their family. In Jesus' name, Amen.