Sunday, April 6, 2008

Itinerary of the Accountant

We received our flight itinerary. Here's our basic flight schedule: Leave on May 23rd from OK City at 4:38pm, and arrive in Houston at 6:04pm. Then, we leave Houston four hours later at 9:55, and arrive in Paris at 2:25pm on May 24th. After 5 hours in Paris, we leave at 7:15pm and arrive in Hannover at 8:45pm.

Thankfully we won't have to wait too long before going to bed when we arrive in Hannover, so that should help with our jet lag. But before we worry about any flights or whatnot, we have another team training weekend coming up. It's in Wellington, KS, and it's only for Friday night until Saturday afternoon. We'll be working on doing lessons, as well as parties ('social events'), and also information for the team accountants. Guess who my team's accountant is? Me. Heh...this should be fun. Good thing God has gifted me with a knack for mathematics, otherwise this would probably not turn out well. Anyway, I will be keeping track of all the money we spend in Germany, including exchange costs, daily food and transportation costs, and who knows what else. Yay! Really though, it should be fun.

Seeing as how we're only 4 weeks from being done with classes, 5 weeks from being done with finals, and 6 weeks until we're on our way to Germany, I've got several emotions running through my body. First, I'm incredibly excited. I am finally getting to be in Germany! This is awesome. Second, I'm nervous. Thoughts such as "What if we're not ready?" "What if we forget something?" "What if I lose the money!?" "What if I push someone away from the church?" and countless other frets are flying through my head. Oi. Third, I can hardly think about schoolwork. It's almost like senioritis, where you are so close to graduation that you have lost almost all your will to do homework, except for me, instead of graduation, it's Germany.

Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I thought you'd like to know what's happening. If you could, please pray for:
  • Wisdom with the accounting
  • Calming of nerves
  • Focusing of the mind on the present task (finishing with good grades.)
  • Continued growth as a team
As always, thanks for everything.

PS I'm still accepting donations if you'd like to either a)send me with some spending money or b)give me money for my internship which will be at the same church, but from June 2009 - July 2010. If you'd like to donate, leave a comment on this post.


Lisa said...

Karl!!! You're going to have such a good time. I'm so excited for you. Once you're there, those worries will fly away. You'll learn to live in the moment.

Karl said...

:) Thanks Tbone. I really hope so.