Saturday, April 19, 2008

T minus 35 days!

Nearing the end of school is a great feeling, but it's also filled with stress. Oh how I cannot wait to be done with all my book reports, exegeticals, required readings, and other assignments. Then come the dreaded finals, and then... rest. Well, sorta. For me, I get 6 days of rest, and then lift off! My grandma (who is a bit of a world traveler herself) has graciously got me a ticket with her FF Miles to go from Albuquerque to OK City, instead of having to drive all the way there. There's one downside.... it leaves at 6:10 AM! At least I should get there on time with no worries. :)

Since I'm in the process of studying for an exam next week and taking notes on books that are due back by... tomorrow (?!), this will stay short. But first, would you go to the Father for my team and I on a few things?
  • Continued growth as a team. We're almost through the Training Workbook, but the end of that cannot come sooner.
  • Wisdom on what needs to be done and by when it needs to be done.
  • That the end of the semester will go smoothly, and all travel plans will happen.
Mit Lieb

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David and Amanda said...

Thanks for considering my blog as a link of importance... your such a sweetheart studly kilt wearing tall guy!

D. Knapp