Thursday, May 22, 2008

April Showers Bring May ...Hail?

Yes, I just watched it hail. It's May, and New Mexico, and it just hailed. Not to mention just yesterday we got above 90°. Man I love this state.

Anyway, I leave in less than a day! I am a mix of emotions. I am psyched about going, sad about leaving, anxious because I'm the team accountant, and so on. Really, I just can't wait to see how God will use us.

He definitely used me last night. I was asked by my youth minister to talk to the youth group about my trip. I really had no idea what I would say, or if I could even talk past 5 minutes. However, the next thing I knew, I was being asked a final question. Apparently I spoke for over 25 minutes. I really enjoyed getting to speak to the youth about the trip and about missions in general, specifically European/German missions. They were really respectful, and for the most part, we actually stayed on track (yes, we got derailed a few times, but not too bad.)

I need to get some stuff done finish packing, getting the rest of my essentials (body wash, deodorant, etc), and possibly contacting my teammates to make sure there's nothing else I need to worry about getting.

So as I go about doing this, could you please pray?
  • Continued wisdom in all areas (packing, travelling, etc)
  • Good travelling weather
  • No sleeping in tomorrow morning (Have to be at the airport at 4am!)
  • Team Strengthening/Unity
With that, I bid you adieu. The next update will be from Germany!
Mit Lieb,


Anonymous said...

I wish all the luck in the world.
As for last night, you did awsome, im not very good at speaking in front of people and so i understand what its like but you did great, it was inspiring to me.

Anyway, good luck in Germany, i would give you advice but i have non to give, i lived there but only when i was little and so i dont remember much of it.
Bring something to entertain you on your long flights because knowing you if you arent entertained then bad things happen :D. You might crash the plane, and no one wants that.

Enjoy and God bless you, ill pray for you and i look foward to reading your updates,

I put this as anonymous but this is Laural btw

OzarkMom said...

You forgot to mention the snow on the Sandias again - two days ago it was 94 - now it's hardpressed to get to 60. You've got to admit - Germany doesn't have temperature variations like that!

Have fun, Son. Bring back the cool weather with you. I don't relish the thought of so many hours in planes and airports, but you're young!

Take lots of notes. You'll enjoy reading them in future years.