Saturday, May 17, 2008


Don't you love getting home? Sure, it may take 10.5 hours to get home (if you take less than 15 minutes worth of stops) but hey, it's home! I love the southwest. Especially New Mexico. We have hills, canyons, deserts, forests, mountains, and everything. Dry weather. Beautiful, unending views (yes, visibility of over 50 miles is normal.) Basically, it just is amazing. If it looks like this after the fall, can you imagine how it looked like before?

Anyway, I will be home from now until 4am on next Friday. At that point, I shall be taken (hopefully with everything necessary for the trip...and nothing unnecessary) to the Albuquerque Sunport. Then, at 6am, I shall begin my venture! Oh how I cannot wait!

In the meantime, can you please pray for the following?
  • Packing wisdom
  • Final preparations go smoothly (i.e. Getting Verizon to put my phone on hold until I get back, getting the banks to not freeze my cards when they see me use them in Germany, etc.)
  • Continued team growth
  • More prayer support!!
Viel Danken

P.S. I've begun a new blog: Here. I'm currently experimenting with it, since it's WordPress. I like it, but I also like Blogspot. So I don't know, I may just have two separate blogs. This one for ministry updates for my missions update list (speaking of which, leave a comment if you'd like on it!) and the other for more regular updates. We shall see. For now, mi madre is cooking something, so I'm going to "investigate." Ciao.


David and Amanda said...

You have sand, miles and miles of sand...just kidding. See you next Friday.

OzarkMom said...

Ah, yes. And you got home just in time for the hot weather to hit. Maybe you'll get to hook up the swamp cooler before you leave...

Oh, and you forgot to mention that it's nice to have someone else do your laundry for a change...

That's okay - it's good to have you home if even for just a few days!

Mom & Dad

Susan Casey said...

Ah, yes! The old swamp cooler--which would NEVER work in humid missouri! tee hee NIce and sunny and very breezy today--High around 90, but it's a wet heat. Miss you already. I TOTALY could picture the view you described from standing up near the "U" hill in the foothills. I will always love things about Albuquerque. Forge on, my brave soul. Love and prayers, Suz

Karl said... I havta hook that thing up? Erik was the one that always did it!