Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2 Weeks

Well, sad news. We only have two weeks left here in Germany, and then we fly home! It stinks, since that means we have to leave our new friends that we've met and got to know over the past month. Hopefully, when we return (not only do I plan to return for my internship, but David and Amanda plan to return to live here permanently as well) we can meet back up with the people we've got to know on this trip. The people I've been able to help have all been very nice, and their English is much better than any of them think, I believe. However, once we leave, I'm not sure how much English they'll get to use. I suppose the siblings could just talk to each other (but they're siblings, so who knows if that will happen...) Bernd will be taking another class from Katy, so I guess that's where he'll get his English. And then there's Tangnyun (a lady originally from Korea, but her husband and her moved back to Germany in 2000, since he was from Germany.) I'm hoping someone in the Christusgemeinde will be able to connect with her, so that she can continue working on her English, and she also has lots of questions about the Bible and Christianity in general.

Anyway, not too much left to do here in these last 2 weeks, but I'm sure we'll keep occupied. Here's some prayer requests that could help keep you occupied:
  • Continued team unity.
  • Connections to be made between our readers, like Tangnyun, and the church members, for further help in English and whatnot.
  • Our party this Thursday...Oldie's Night! (Ice cream floats will be served, I believe.)
Thanks for everything!
PS There's more pictures from Hannover and elsewhere on my picasa web album!

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