Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finally Better!

Ever sleep for 14+ hours a day? Well I just did that on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Ya, last week was not good in regards to my health. Thankfully, I'm finally better! I was even able to eat an actual meal last night and keep it down, and then after that, I went to the public viewing of Deutschland vs Austria. (Deutschland won, of course!) So first off, thanks for your prayers Second, please pray that something like that does not occur again. :)

Oh ya, since I was sick, I didn't get to journey to the Harz Mountains with my host family and their parents, who took David and Amanda. So maybe David and Amanda have pictures from that...

Anyway, since I've been out of it for most of the week, I'm not sure what to actually write about. Maybe about last Tuesday, when I got to go play soccer with the boys at the Burgschule, which was pretty fun, and I get to do the same this afternoon as well. I just need to lighten up my kicks (they're not all high schoolers.)

I really can't think of anything else, besides how sick I've been with headaches since past Tuesday to actually write about. How about future plans? Well, aside from this afternoon's soccer practice, I do plan to go to the Peine museum with Regina this afternoon. After that, I need to get back, clean up, and be ready for one of my readers to get here at 7 tonight.

A view of the weekend (hopefully) is a trip to Hannover! €27 is how much the ticket will cost, so if anyone is feeling generous... (yes, the 3 of us will be splitting it, but still, €9 is worth about $15!)

I think this is all I can fill in for the time being, so I hope your week goes way better than my last week!


OzarkMom said...

Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. Hopefully, that sleep got whatever it was out of you. I'm sorry you missed the mountains, but maybe Hannover will be even better. Don't overdo the soccer - you don't need to have a relapse.


Karl said...

Well soccer today wasn't that bad...we still played for 1.5 hours, but it didn't seem as much today as last Tuesday.