Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Refreshing Rain

I'm not sure how many of you have been following the weather up here in Germany, but in and around Peine, it's been about 27 - 30 Degrees! Now, if only that was Fahrenheit, because it's not. That's Celcius, and so it's actually been about 80+ degrees. Add in about 60%+ humidity, and no air conditioning (Germans apparently don't believe in A/C) and you've got our conditions. Anyway, just now, God sent a beautiful rain storm, and it's cooled it down to about 20C (below 70F.) So this is a welcome downpour!

Anyway, I decided to update a few days early due to myself feeling under the weather (if you'll pardon the pun.) I woke up this morning with a headache and a sore throat. So for an urgent prayer request, please pray that I get better asap. (Note to my mom (and the various women who take care of me so well), I've taken ibuprofen, I'm getting enough rest, and enough water.) Tonight I was supposed to have a meeting with a guy at 7pm, but due to his wife's auto not passing emissions today, he could not come. So I've got some rest thanks to that.

As for my other readers, I met with one at 3pm today. She's 17 and attends the Ratsgymnasium (basically highschool). She speaks english well enough, but she'd like to improve her vocabulary. Her brother is 15, and he's a little shy, but I found out he loves soccer. And considering the upcoming EuroCup, we will definitely have stuff to talk about. Yesterday morning, I met with a woman who is originally from South Korea. She met her husband, who is from Germany, while he was working there, and in 2000 (2001?) they moved to Germany. She used to use english all the time, for work, but since moving, she hasn't had any need of it. So she'd like to refresh it.

I'm going to go lay back down now, so I'll leave you with some prayer requests.
  • My headache/sore throat to go away.
  • More readers to sign up soon.
  • Continued team unity.
  • We're going to the Burgschule on Thursday. We'll talk to some students about helping them with english.
Much Love


Susan Casey said...

Hey, buddy. Get well soon. Gargle the hottest salt water you can. HONEST! It is the very best, fastest way to heal a sore throat. I had trouble reading your news with pix of Ancona on my left!!! Praying for you. Love, Suz

OzarkMom said...

OK - Ibu, water and salt water are good - but remember the other stuff you took with you, if you need to.

Seeing as how it's 4 a.m. there, you better be fast asleep!

Mom and Dad (& little bro)
PS: I was the first one to drop off my election supplies tonight - Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Karl, Sorry to hear about the sore throat and headache, I also had that last week, it takes about 3 days to work its way out. Thank you for the great postcard today. I am really enjoying your blog postings. God Bless and keep you, Rhonda Trujillo