Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enter Junior Year

Well, as of today, I have officially begun my 5th semester at Ozark. So far today, I've definitely re-entered syllabus shock. Plenty of reading (oi vey. Psychology has way too much!) and other assignments. Anyway..it should be a relatively easy semester, but we shall see. At the other school in town, Missouri Southern, there are 15 German students this semester! I really hope to get to hang out with them. Apparently we also have a German student here at Ozark, but I've yet to meet her, despite everyone informing me of her presence.

Other than that, it's been very good to get back into the close-knit community, and build new friendships with the freshmen and transfer students. Our floor seems to have a good group of guys this semester, so it should be fun. I've had plenty people talk to me about this summer, a few being more interested than others. It's been really great being able to share with them.

Aside from school and hanging out with the Germans at Southern, I'll be working (currently job hunting) in order to pay for school. Could you throw up a word to the Father for me, that 1)I'll get a (decent) job, and 2)I'll be able to work enough to pay for school? It'd be very appreciated.

I think that's about it for now...I'm going to be meeting with my mentor every Saturday, to work on stuff with him, and hopefully get well prepared for my internship next year.
Until the next post...

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OzarkMom said...

Wouldn't that be 5th semester?