Friday, September 26, 2008


Long time no post, yet again.

Today was the last day of the sixth week of school! This year is going so fast. I've been able to hang out with the International Club at MSSU a few times, which has been awesome. I've met some of the Germans, and I love it. (Pray that I can develop lasting friendships!) Aside from that, my job as Cashier at Sear's is going well too. About 15-20 hours a week so far, so not bad. I like it, and I get to practice talking to strangers. (Which is a definite needed skill for European missions.) Then, I've also been getting slammed with project after project. Such is the life of an Ozark student, though.

In other news! As of Thursday, I have officially mailed off/applied to work with NMSI (New Mission Systems International.) In case you haven't heard me talk about it, they are a missions organization with missionaries in Berlin. And I hopefully will do a (school) year long internship with them (the Seidl's.) Please pray for NMSI's wisdom when considering whether or not to accept me, and that everything can go smoothly if I am to be accepted. I'll definitely post an update if I'm accepted (along with info on what all that entails...such as a 8.5 Ft Myers, FL training next summer.)

Anyway, I've got a psych paper to write (by next Thursday. I've at least got the outline done...)

Thanks for lifting me up to Dad.
Much Love


amandave814 said...

Good luck/God bless on getting an internship in Berlin. If you do end up there and want some good pizza then I recommend the 12 Apostles Pizza. If you like hot... yea right (it's German hot) then get the Judas pizza.

You have a psych paper. Hmmm do you know what is wrong with my brain. Thanks in advanse.

Karl said...

o.O 12 Apostles Pizza? In Berlin?

Nah, I'm writing it on something else. I do have a Case Study to do,