Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Announcement is closing in...

So, as I had said in my last post, my NMSI application has been sent to them. Well, the past few weeks they've been on a Triennial Retreat over in Europe with all their missionaries from around the world. So next week, when they get back to the office on the 20th is hopefully when my application will begin to be processed. So, in light of this, PLEASE be praying for God to guide them in whether or not they accept me (of course, I really want to be accepted, but if that's not His will at this moment in time, so be it.)

In other news:
  • On Oct 16 is another dinner/movie with MSSU's International Club.
  • Mi madre's birthday is Oct 23! Happy birthday Mom!
  • Preenrollment begins Oct 27.
  • My older brother got engaged 2 weeks ago! So, congrats go to Erik and Alana!
So pretty exciting stuff going on...but for now, I'll just leave you with a beseeching for prayer in regards to my Apprenticeship.
Thank you!

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OzarkMom said...

Thank you, son, for the birthday wishes. At least you didn't put the number - but I'm still young anyway - your brother's only 13!

Father, I thank You that Karl has such a heart for the German people. I pray that You will continue to use him in the International Students' group at MSSU, and that You will continue to guide his steps as far as this internship is concerned. Throw open the door so that he can see exactly where You are leading him.

I especially thank You that each of our sons is Yours and is willing to following You each and every day. A parent could ask for no more than that!

In Jesus' name,

Love you, Karl!

PS: Your blood type is the same as mine.