Monday, November 24, 2008

The NMC and a few Ponderings

So this past weekend (Nov 20-22), I was in Tulsa for the National Missionary Convention. This year's theme was Getting Your Hands Dirty. The primary text used was Jesus' inaugural address, from Luke 4:16-30. To sum it up, Mark Moore said something along the lines of "If your church does not have a heart for the poor and the broken, and if it's not doing something about it, then it is failing at following Christ." (Not a direct quote in the least, but that's the gist.) Pretty powerful, and I definitely agree.
Anyway, while there, I got to reconnect with so many people! Like Rob Maupin, who ruined me for missions about 6 years ago, and Luke Greer, and Matt and Angie Crosser, and Mark and Corinne Wilson, and Matt Wimeth, and the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bacus, and several others. While the sessions and the workshops were good, the fellowship with friends such as those was the highlight. Also! I got to meet/hang out with people from NMSI. It was good to be able to connect with them and whatnot.
Aside from all that, I am staying in JoMO for this week, due to Sears and Black Friday. (I have the 4:45am-4pm shift! woohoo!) So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and happy 14th little bro! I even have a book report and a paper due right after break (well, that's what I've got left of the homework due postbreak.) But anyway... I'll leave you with two links. One to a fellow European missionary's blogpost, titled Myopic Missions. I found it quite interesting (the rest of his blog is interesting too, but this is a recent post.) The other is to There is a video of a talk given by a former speech writer for President GWB on the Emerging Center of Evangelicalism.
I'm out for now,
Grace and peace.


jessie said...

they are pretty tasty! and they are a gorgeous fruit!

Karl said...

So everyone outside our convo is going to think that's the most random comment ever. lol.