Friday, June 12, 2009

36 hour fast.

Grace and Peace to all who read:
Life is progressing here in little old Joplin. Work's work (though I could use a few more hours to pay the bills better...) and the community continuously amazes me, both here and abroad. So far this month, I've read Red Moon Rising and PunkMonk by Pete Greig/Andy Freeman, TrueFaced by three blokes I can't remember the names of off the top of my head, and I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris. These four books are great, and hopefully will help shape my life. I'm now reading Live to Tell by Brad Kallenberg, which is also proving enlightening, and helpful in thinking about evangelism in postmodern contexts.

But anyway, you didn't come here to read a list of books I've been reading. Rather, you came to read about what I'm entreating of you. As my supporters, I would like you to help me by, if possible, fasting this coming week with me. Don't worry, not for the whole week. I plan to fast for 36 hours, starting after breakfast on Thursday the 18th to the night of the 19th. (So for me, approximately 9am Thurs to 9pm Fri. This may differ for you, and by all means, differ.)

Next, you might be wondering, for what are we fasting? Well, basically, for continued support, as well as wisdom. Specificially:
-Listening to God's voice and guidance in regards to the apprenticeship, whatever that might entail.
-Wisdom for how to raise more support.
-Prayer Supporters
-Financial Supporters (I'm still at ~$1500. I need both one time supporters, and even more importantly, monthly. Please pray for this.)
-Continued opening of eyes, minds, and hearts of Germans and Europeans
-My preparations, including faith in God.
-Anything else of which you think.

Thank you all.

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