Thursday, October 15, 2009


A few weeks ago, a friend, Tresor Yenyi, asked me to join him and Mwangaza Int. for a Christmas Project this December. He said they need someone to film the project, which would take place in 3 different cities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, over 12 days. My response was "Well, I doubt I'd have money for it." He said no worries, it shoud be all expenses paid. This is due to Mark Moore, and his chapel offering appeal. If you have 20 minutes, please take the time to listen to this: Financial Baggage. The result of that sermon was this: Thank you! (from Tresor) So here I am, wondering what to do. Since it appears God currently has the door to Germany closed (whether temporarily, or permanently, I don't know) I'm open to this. However, I don't want to go, just because I've been invited. I want to go only if it's what God wants.

I'll keep you updated on the project and if the offering appeal netted the needed $10000.

(In case you didn't notice, Christmas Project, Financial Baggage, and Thank You! are all links. Please check them out.)

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