Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sabbath Tuesdays

I'm not really good at alliteration, so I couldn't think of a cool title for this post. Guess you're stuck with "Sabbath Tuesdays." Which is today. Today is the only day off I have from work each week, unless something comes up. Such is life as a full time worker, I guess. In order to survive and keep breathing though, we all need a day of rest. Hence Sabbath. God was onto something when He came up with it. On this day I sleep in (sometimes to 1030 or 11, or like today, 12.) Then I get up, lazily getting ready. Then I take care of things, in a beautiful, non hurried, manner. Completely relaxing. I'm accomplishing things (such as blogging) yet at the same time, resting. Each Tuesday I also meet with a group of guys and my mentor, and we talk about the week and life. Then for dinner I eat with my home group. It's a day of rest and community. I sure hope you have a day like this every week. I think without it we can slowly become drones.

Remember, Christ once said "Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath."
Grace and Peace.


Mom said...

I can't believe my son, who hardly slept late, doesn't get up until noon - getting too much like his brothers. Glad to hear your home group feeds you once a week.

Love you,

Karl said...

Haha, I get 7-9 hours every night now. :)