Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life Goes On...

So, I haven't talked in awhile, yet again. Last time I talked to you, I had just got engaged. Well, as of today (Nov 7) we are 34 days away from the wedding! Yes! Unfortunately, in between are 33 days of school, with 4 major projects, and several smaller projects. So we move on. Aside from finishing up wedding preps, I've also taken the spot of Treasurer for Mwangaza International, an organization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which helps give war victims a second chance at life. The president of the organization, Trésor Yenyi, recently released his first book called Journey into the Heart of Darkness. On Facebook, you can find out all about it and where you can purchase, here: I'm unofficially his publicist. I'm also unofficially his secretary and cultural guide as well, but that's another story.
Aside from all the above, I've preenrolled for school next semester, though I'll only be part time. I'll take 6-8 hours, leaving me with 21-23 hours. 2 of the remaining hours needs to be an internship, so please continue to pray for that, wherever God will lead us (you know, since I'm getting married and all...heh.)

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