Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blizzards, birthdays, and bounds of blurbs.

Greetings from snowy Alaska! Ok, not really. Here in Joplin, we got hit by that massive snow storm last week, and got 20" by Wed, and on Saturday got 3 more inches. Joplin was effectively shut down until Thursday, and still hasn't completely cleared off the side roads (including ours) yet. We're praying that MODot gets things cleared before we get hit with the 6-10 more inches we're supposed to get by Thursday.

In other news, I turned 23 on Saturday, and, of course, it was my first birthday as a married man. My wife was wonderful, and despite having to work for 8.5 hours, she made sure I enjoyed my day. No, I don't feel any older, but I do recognize that this time next year I will be a non-traditional student. Oi.

Speaking of school, one of the classes I'm taking this semester is Strategies for Teaching. The textbook for the class is called Creative Bible Teaching, written in 1998. To illustrate just how long ago this really is, take this excerpt:
"...Another meaning of the word 'focus' is relevant here. The word can also mean narrowing down something that is too broad to be dealt with all at once. The Internet is a wonderful tool for research and information exchange. The 'Web surfer' can find information on almost any topic that can be imagined. But the problem is sorting through the enormous quantity of information. For example, one search of the Internet, using what is known as a search engine, returned more than 500,000 results for the word Bible. There are greater than one-half million documents or home pages on the internet with some reference to "Bible." Five hundred thousand documents is an overwhelming number!...By using the words Bible study we received 20,000 results. That was still too many to be of much use to us, so we became still more focused and entered inductive Bible study. This time, we uncovered about 100 documents....We focused our search even further. This time we typed in inductive study of Hebrews. We received 17 results. Seven or eight documents were exceptionally helpful."

To put this in perspective, if you runs these searches on Google today:
532 million results.
Bible Study:
13.3 million
Inductive Bible Study:
Inductive Study of Hebrews

The Internet is a vast tool. It needs to be used, for the Kingdom of Heaven, and not to numb our minds. That's what marshillchurch.org and missionsmisunderstood.com and davidmays.org are all about. Where are you in this picture?

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Anonymous said...

I used it yesterday to research Brother Lawrence and found a free downloadable "The Practice of the Presence of God." And, I try to post Bible verses, or things I've been reading on my FB status. So yes, the internet can be a powerful tool for the Christian - even old ones like your mom!