Friday, March 11, 2011

Forgiveness and Second Chances.

Today is the day where not only compassion is shown, as the USA and the world reaches out to help Japan. Rather, it is, I believe, a day of reconciliation. A day of forgiveness. Once, the country I live in was attacked by another country. We retaliated with a fire bomb, rather than love and forgiveness. Now, though, as we see our fellow brothers having their land and homes destroyed, my country reaches out to heal rather than kill. So as we see the images and videos, and recognize the vast devastation, we pray. We long for God to end the hurting, and to bring healing to Creation. We ache for the New Jerusalem. But until then, we are his body on earth, and we reach out. Through extensions of the body such as Mustard Seed Global Fellowship, we can contribute monetarily to help the victims physically. But for those of us who have no extra funds, we can always pray. Pray for those who are physically lost to be found. Pray for those who have no power, water or gas to have hope, as the country gets systems back online. Pray even for the stability of nuclear power plants. And, if you are like me, and know you are unfortunately weak, then pray for others who are stronger and more resilient in their prayer to uphold Japan and the rest of the Pacific when you lapse. For we follow a God of second chances, who freely gives us forgiveness. Who are we to withhold forgiveness from others, to withhold compassion from the hurting?

So, church, pray.
(Later this month, I'll update on our continued search for a new internship. We're talking with NMSI, of course, but also with KontaktMission, and maybe other organizations. We need one to fit my degree requirements and to provide an opportunity for us as a married couple.)

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