Thursday, April 14, 2011

Internship Search

Hey everyone,
For the past two months, we have been looking around at different missions agencies, trying to determine which to go with for our internship. Many of you may know that we originally were both going to go through NMSI, with me going to Germany, and Casey going to Kenya. Well, as we've been married now, we're seeing if this is still our best choice. To start off, we are also looking into KontaktMission and TeamExpansion. Now, since neither of us have had much communication with TeamExpansion, we are not focusing too heavily on them. We're not altogether cutting them out of the possibility, but we don't feel that is our leading. With NMSI, we have the aforementioned relationship already established, and so are focusing on them, as well as KontaktMission, since we have met personally with both missionaries and directors of KM.

As we spoke to the agencies, we explained we had two main needs for our internship: 1. Must fulfill the requirements for my degree (minimum 2 months, under an English speaking missionary, who can provide leadership.) 2. Preferably a seasoned married couple who can give us both wisdom in regards to living and working on the field, but also wisdom about marriage.

With these two requests in mind, NMSI has presented us with a possibility of serving with their European Director and his wife, David and Brenda Aderholdt, in Macedonia. They have been missionaries for over 15 years, and would be excellent sources of wisdom. KontaktMission has not given us a specific couple yet, but they think there are a few in both Germany and Russia that would fit those needs.

Now, how can you help? Well, we can always use prayer. Pray most specifically for wisdom. Wisdom for both Casey and I, but also for the various agencies and the missionaries. Pray that we follow God's heart, rather than simply our own (or rather, pray that our hearts follow God's.) Pray for us as we near the end of our schooling here. We each only have two (small) semesters of school left before we are finished at Ozark! Finally, we ask for you to pray for our marriage, so that we continue to found it in Christ, and are able to be solid before going on our internship.

Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Both of you just keep your hearts and minds open to God's will. We're proud of both of you and pray God's richest blessings now and for your future ministries.

Mom & Dad