Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, we say thank you to our mom's! Or, as they say it in Macedonia, Среќен Ден на мајките! Yeah, we have no idea how to pronounce that either. However, both of us thank our mom's for everything they did for us as we were growing up. We appreciate their support and encouragement, as we moved from high school, to college, and now, to the field. So, with that said, thanks moms!!

Speaking of support, we thank those of you as well who have told us you would pray for us as we prepare, and eventually go. We also thank those of you who have already committed to partnering with us financially as we raise the funds to go on the internship. Hopefully we will find out an exact number this week or next. Until then, please continue praying as we prepare!
Grace and Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you both. It's awesome to me to see how God has brought the two of you together for the likeminded vision of reaching others for Him. I could not be more proud and am thankful that God has used me to produce more workers for Him. We love you!