Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joplin Tornado

Hey everyone,
In case you hadn't heard yet, Joplin got hit by a massive tornado Sunday night. Over a third of the city is gone, death toll is at 122 and rising, and devastation is vast. We're still processing what's happened, while at the same time, we are under yet another tornado watch tonight. I just want to let you know that Casey and I are ok, and thankfully still have a home. Here's some ways to pray:
Pray for those who lost everything.
Pray for those who are not accounted for.
Pray for the volunteers, to have strength.
Pray for the Church, as we try to love the community, and live out the Gospel.

Along this last line, I want to say something. In this town and surrounding area, there are about 300 churches. However, with this tragedy, there has been one Church, joining together in unity. If you would like to help, check Red Cross, IDES, Convoy of Hope, or World Vision. Those are the ones I know for sure. If you want to know how to pray better (especially since I don't have internet constantly,) please go to: 24-7prayer.us/stories/110.
Thank you.
Grace and Peace.


Amanda Knapp said...

Thank you Karl for your post. I am so glad that you guys are alright! We have been praying for Joplin like crazy!!!

Anonymous said...

Samaritan's Purse is also working in Joplin.

We love you.


Anonymous said...

We are also in prayer here in Washington MO for everyone who has been touched by this tragedy. We love you. Mom