Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Jobs and Summer Break!

Aside from the final I (Karl) will be taking in approximately 40 minutes, we are done with this semester! On Saturday, we will get to see many of our friends graduating, which will be bittersweet. Sweet we celebrate their accomplishment. Bitter because some are departing, and who knows when or if we will get to see them again this side of heaven. At least we have Skype! Well, considering Microsoft recently purchased that, I guess we'll see how long that lasts...hah.

Anyway, in other news, both of us have been blessed with new jobs! Just yesterday, Casey was hired to work with mentally handicapped young adults. She starts orientation today, and will be officially started next week or so. As for me, I was hired about a month ago for a electronics recycling facility that is opening in Joplin. We had our first work day this past Tuesday, and got two big clients already. With our new jobs, I can finally quit working at the restaurant. While I have been blessed to meet many fantastic people, including some of you reading this, through the restaurant, it is a very wearisome job. I haven't turned my two weeks notice in yet, so I hope to see all of you before then.

As for our internship, NMSI is still working on the numbers, trying to get the best idea of what needs to be raised. We trust that God will provide, regardless of how small or large the final amount is. In preparation for it, we are talking with some friends from Kosova, and trying to learn what the culture will be like, and what to expect.
Until we know more, thank you all for everything,
Grace and Peace

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