Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

To start, we are on our way home tomorrow. Currently we are at my brother and sister in law's house in Amarillo. Earlier today, we were in Albuquerque, with my parents and little brother. Which brings me to the point of this post. Happy Father's Day to my dad, Mike Mitchell! He's a wonderful, loving, providing dad. I hope you all could be with your dad/father figures today. And, if not, remember, our God is the Father to the Fatherless. No matter if you had a dad or not, He is willing to accept you into His family, no matter what. That is grace. That is love. Oh how amazing and deep it is. So, thank you dad, and thank You God.

In other news, our internship to Macedonia might not happen after all, due to financial reasons. Due to the economic situation of USA/EU/world in general, the proposed budget would be approximately $12000, for the two months. We do not think that is good stewardship, and therefore have asked to see other opportunities, which would be more reasonably priced. I guess this also goes along with us trying to being open to God's leading. Please pray as we discuss this with NMSI.
As soon as we know more, we will let you know.

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