Friday, August 5, 2011

Changes like the wind

Hey all,
Let's talk weather. I'm not sure where in the country (or world) you're reading this, but here in Joplin, the past 20-30 days have been nothing short of 100 deg temps, and when you add in the humidity, it's about 110. Sadly, there has already been at least one death in Joplin directly linked to the heat. Please pray for relief. Thankfully, the Salvation Army and other places are designated "cooling stations" to help provide relief and water for those that need it, especially the volunteers continuing to clean up the debris.

In terms of physical health, please pray for my Grandma. She's officially been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She's lived a long, full life, but we'd sure appreciate if God let her stay with us a bit longer. For me, I crashed on my longboard on Sunday, and got some pretty nice road rash. We're fairly sure it will help soon enough, but prayer is always appreciated.

Now, on toward information about our internship: As previously mentioned, the internship to Macedonia would cost approximately $12,000. This would not be justifiable, in terms of being stewards of God's money. Therefore, we kept looking for different possibilities, and God brought an idea to mind. The church we attend, College Heights, has a program called PACT. It is an intensive, 9 month long, program designed to prepare workers for the field. Casey and I were planning on going through it anyway, so I asked the Missions Director at Ozark if it could count for my internship. We had a few meetings about it, and long story short, he said yes! Now, this will primarily take place here in Joplin. However, at the end of the 9 months is a 2 week trip overseas, which remains unknown to us until about a month and a half before we leave for said trip. I'll leave the whole financial appeal spiel to another post.
For now, adieu.
The Mitchells

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Anonymous said...

We here in Washington will be praying, as always, that God blesses you and your ministry to others. We love you and will continue to pray. Love, Mom