Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Longer a Christian

I'm no longer a Christian. Actually, I'm not sure when I last was a Christian. However, due to a few lectures that I attended recently by Carl Medearis, I have realized this is the case, but never knew how to articulate it. Now, I still believe in Jesus. I still follow Jesus. I will never abandon Jesus. But this is the point. We are not told to convert people to our religion, to Christianity. Rather, we are to make disciples. Of Jesus.
In light of this, if you read my blog(s) and find something to the contrary, I apologize. I thought about going back through all my posts, but two things went through my head: 1)This is going to take forever. 2)No, just leave it. It can help show how Jesus, my leader, king, and saviour, has shaped me.

In addition, if I have ever placed focus on Christianity, rather than Jesus, in my conversations with you, I apologize as well.

Let's stick with Jesus.

For more info, see an article by Carl Medearis: Here.

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