Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Update

Hey everyone,
We're a little over halfway through this semester. We've both pre-enrolled for next semester. This also happens to be our last semester! Yes, I talked to the Academic Dean, and he said he'll let me walk this May, instead of having to wait until 2013! Aside from this being a big deal in terms of getting a degree, it also means I get to keep a promise I made to myself: to graduate college before my little brother graduates high school.
We both have got our applications for the PACT Internship turned in. We now wait until the first week of December when we will officially find out if we're accepted. We both appreciate prayers for us in this regard, as well as for the coaching team who will be making decisions. If accepted, we will separate from our home church for approximately nine months, and learn what it is like to start a house church with about ten others. Throughout the internship we will do different modules, such as experiencing public transportation, or going to an international grocery. We will try to write at least once per each module.
In other news, we finally settled with the insurance company of the guy who hit us back in mid-August. It wasn't the outcome we know we deserve, but 70% is better than nothing (and we don't really feel like it'd be worth going to court over the remaining $400.) Thank you for prayers about this.
Finally, we are wondering if any of you have dealt with Rosetta Stone, especially the German version. Does it work? Is it worth it, or would you recommend waiting to go through language school?
That's all for now,
Grace and Peace
Karl for the Mitchells


Amanda Knapp said...

Hi Karl!
Thanks for the update! Now I know that you said before but I can't remember where you guys are going for your internship. Was it Macedonia? We will be praying for you! If you are ever very close you will have to come visit us!
Amanda Knapp

Karl said...

Well, that internship got called off. I think we wrote about it a few posts back. Main reason was we couldn't justify the $11,000/2 months. This new one is going to take place primarily in Joplin. We need to skype. When we do, I'll explain more in depth.

Jace and Jesse said...

we have the German rosetta stone and really like it. of course, you set the pace and have to be disciplined in doing it. we be much better if you had German speakers to practice with as you do it. hope and pray all goes well with your internship!

Karl said...

Well, apparently they're no longer doing the program. Now, it's only available in online format. This doesn't work for us since we don't have internet as of right now. Thanks for the input though! Maybe they'll realize that the change wasn't for the best.