Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years and New Things!

Merry (Belated) Christmas!
We hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends this past week, and will continue to do so for the New Year's weekend. For us, due to work schedules, we were unable to make it to either St Louis or Albuquerque, However, we did get to call Casey's family and Skype with mine. We miss them, but are reminded of why we are distant, and that is for Jesus. Since we were unable to join them, we had Christmas lunch with our neighbors, the Browns, and a friend of theirs named Lance. It was great to be around friends to remember the incarnation.

New Year, New Things.

With the new year upon us, we have taken on several new items. First off, to aide in our learning of German, we have taken Rosetta Stone up on one of their email offers, and purchased levels 1-5. To all of you who gave input about language programs: thank you! We should have it by next Friday, and be on our way to learning (or in my case, relearning) Deutsch. Second, both Casey and I have opted to depart from Facebook. Thus my reason for the messages I sent to many of you asking for an email address and whether or not you wanted to receive our ministry updates. (If you misunderstood the questions, and only wanted to give me an email, I apologize. There is an unsubscribe button at the bottom.) If you would like to know more about my decision, please go to my post titled No More Facebook. Third, due to the increased amount of emails, we are having to switch from sending via Gmail to MailChimp. This will allow us to send out one email, rather than having to split up the update list into multiple groups. Not only that, but we can also use MailChimp to design semi-professional looking updates, as you can see from this one. Please bear with us as we tinker with the settings and colours and whatnot til we find one we completely like. Fourth, we have decided now is as good of time as any to switch from emailing via my personal address over to emailing from our joint email account. If you ever feel like talking to us, please feel free to email!

Great Encouragement

In light of deleting my Facebook, and requesting emails to be included in our update list, we have been greatly encouraged. Of the over 200 who have replied so far, only one has requested to not be included in our mailing list. (Now, again, if you misunderstood my questions and did not to be on this mailing list, I apologize. Please just click unsubscribe, instead of placing us in your spam folder. If you do that, your email and internet providers will start interpreting us as spam, and those who do want to receive this, will not.) For you showing a desire to partner with us in our ministry, we thank you. We appreciate whatever support you give, whether it's prayer, finances, exhortation, or even simply reading the updates. We thank you, and pray the Lord blesses you.


On January 3rd, we will be having our first official PACT Internship meeting. Please be in prayer for us, our teammates, and those who will be guiding us along on this journey. In a few weeks, we will write more in depth about the various "modules" we will be doing.

Until then, may the Lord bless you and keep you.
Grace and Peace
The Mitchells

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