Friday, January 13, 2012

One Last Semester

The Academic year is about to start! Or, for Casey, already did. She did a Winter Session class, which meant she was sitting in class for 7 hours a day, for the past 5 days. She's done with the class, and now only has to do a few projects. In terms of the Spring Semester, enrollment is on MLK, Jr day, and school starts on Tuesday. Casey will have 5 hours of school, and I will have 9 hours, plus 2 hours for PACT.

Speaking of PACT, we had our first meeting on January 3rd. It was more of an intro night, learning more about what we'd be doing, and deciding on regular meeting days. We met this past Wednesday, but from now until the end of September, we will be meeting every Thursday night. We first got to enjoy a meal together. Then, we had a time of discussion, learning more about each other. We ended the night with a time of prayer, specifically focusing on our next 9 months together. Please pray with us, as we prepare to not only be changed, but also to hopefully make a change for the Kingdom.

Now, we mentioned in the last update that we had purchased Rosetta Stone. Well, we received it, and after about a week of trying it, we have decided to return it. As much as we wish to learn the language, we cannot justify putting so much effort (and money) into a language that we may never use. On a minor side, I really did not trust the pronunciation. Many of the pronunciations completely contradicted the way my German teacher, Herr Mehner (who was a German immigrant) taught me. However, we were brought to the attention of the Pimsleur learning system. I listened to the sample lesson on their website, and it sounded much closer to his pronunciation. Not to mention, we were able to find the Pimsleur German at the Joplin Library!

Thank you always for your prayers. Please let us know how we can pray for you as well.
Grace and Peace
Karl and Casey


Jace and Jesse said...

Yeah, our German teacher also pronounced words differently than Rosetta Stone (she is from Frankfurt), but I noticed that the way RS pronounces is closer to the way they speak in Berlin so for us its great. Praying for you guys!

Karl said...

Yeah. My teacher was from Bonn, and so i have a bit of a southern accent. When I was in Peine, I was actually told I sound like a German hick because of it. Heh. In the end, I really think what actually matters is whether or not you know the language or not, and not the accent you know. Plus, we may never actually live in Germany. I wish the future were much closer.