Monday, February 20, 2012

PACT Week 7 - Research!

As school and PACT progress, so does our growth. However, growth hardly comes easily. In the module in which we are currently, we are doing research on the area. We are specifically focusing on international residents of Joplin. This includes seeing what parts of town they live in, where they shop, what activities they do, etc. Since we have access to people and other resources in the town who can help fill us in on most of these details, we have been given three weeks for this module. On the field, the stage of research has more to do with the city's history rather than finding out where everyone lives and shops. Since, you know, you're the only foreigner in the city. Still, this is a very important stage as we seek out those with whom we will hopefully be spending a large part of our time for the next nine seven and a half months.

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 21st) Casey and I will be going to the City Hall, to ask if they have info on where internationals might be living. Pray for wisdom as we do this, and for us to encounter the right person. The rest of the team is going through other venues and contacts to find out more. Please pray for them as well.

In terms of the storytelling, Casey and I still would love prayer for boldness and opportunity. We have been able to tell parables and the like to coworkers, but would love to be able to tell them to strangers as well. My most comforting story I have learned so far is Matt 11:28-30. Many days (especially today, a Monday with a 10 hour work day) I need to remember where true rest is found.

Casey blogged a few days ago, by the way. I encourage you to check her post out: Here! I would also second her recommendation of that book she mentions. Definitely a great read (for all followers of Jesus.)

For now, that is all. Please continue letting us know how we can pray for you.
Grace and Peace
Karl and Casey

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