Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spiritual Disciplines Retreat

Shell Knob Lake
This past weekend, we had a PACT team retreat, at Shell Knob Lake. While there, though only for about 36 hours, we practiced several spiritual disciplines to try and incorporate them in our lives here as well as on the field. These included hours of prayer, Bible reading/meditation, resting, enjoying creation, fasting, and (my favourite) breaking of the fast. We also sat around and listened to a book being read. As was mentioned, we seem to have lost the art of sitting around listening to stories. I always loved when teachers would do that in school, and it was rather nostalgic experiencing it as an adult. In all, it was a very Sabbath-ful weekend.

Now, aside from all that, we have phased out of our research module and entered into our second outreach module, called Prayer Walking. As the name implies, we have done some prayer walking around various areas on which we think we would like to focus. One of these areas was the apartment complex where I formerly resided. During the walks, we pray for wisdom on which specific area to focus, as well as open doors and hearts for when we find that area.

In addition to this outreach module, we also began our first community module. This is over Transportation. For it, we have to test out the public transportation, and see who all uses it. Unfortunately, Joplin is severely lacking in public transportation, but we make do by riding the trolley (and maybe the taxi.) This helps us know more about the people of Joplin.

As far as our outside of PACT lives go, school and work move on for both of us. Next week is spring break (thank God!), and after that we only have seven weeks til graduation! Casey's work is hard, emotionally, as she sees kids from broken families. My work is hard, as I am a sales manager, and get told "Not interested" rather frequently. However, God is good, and continues to provide for us. Casey is actually about to start being a Mary Kay consultant. For all you ladies, I will provide you a link to her online site next update so you can buy what you need!
Until then, grace and peace.
PS If you know my dad or my uncle, tell them happy birthday!

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