Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almost Done

The past few weeks have passed quickly. Here in Joplin we had 90 degree weather for a few days, as well as back down to the 50s. We're fine with whatever, as long as it's not another blizzard or tornado. On a brighter note, we have only five weeks left until finals, and then another week until graduation! The end is in sight indeed. We've started looking for other jobs/more hours, but as of yet have come up empty handed. However, that is not entirely why you are reading this.

PACT is moving along, if not strenuously. We've ceased the Prayer Walking module, which was helpful and encouraging, but unfortunately not entirely enlightening. We have not fully decided on an area of Joplin to do outreach in yet as we do not feel like we have been led anywhere specific. Please continue praying for this. As we ended that module, we began the module to start interacting more with the internationals we meet, in natural settings. While we have not found a certain neighborhood to focus on, Casey and I have been blessed to have a family of internationals with whom we love hanging out.

We've also stopped the Public Transportation module, and begun a module on Walking. As the majority of the world relies in large part on walking instead of vehicles, so we too are walking to meetings and other activities. In Joplin, as it is relatively small (approximately 5 miles across), this isn't such a big deal. However, practice is practice. Please continue praying for us as we move through our different Outreach and Community modules. Your prayers are coveted. A quote on prayer that I read this morning might be of encouragement (or at least it was to me): "We pray simply out of obedient faith, not because we have solved the paradox between God's sovereignty and effective prayer." (M. Moore)

Unrelated to PACT, I would like to say that we're once again Uncle and Aunt! My brother and sister-in-law had their firstborn, Andrew, a few weeks ago. My mom has already started spoiling him. We hoped we could meet him during graduation, but they are not sure if they will be able to make it.

If you have anything needing prayer, please comment or email us. We would love to pray for you as you pray for us.
Grace and Peace.

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