Monday, April 23, 2012


No, we're not pregnant. Sorry to disappoint. But we have a baby! We have begun the process of adopting Dante, our nephew. The reasons for the adoption are personal, so we do ask that you respect that. However, for those who have been supporting us so far in this adventure, or those who would like to support us, we thank you. Becoming parents virtually overnight is quite a shock, especially when you have nothing. Yet our God is faithful. We went to get him Saturday the 14th, and by Sunday night we had been given a brand new crib, mattress, sheets, clothes, bottles, a high chair, gift cards, and even several cooked meals. If you'd like to help, we have registered at Walmart: Registry. We have registered for Parent's Choice diapers, because he has eczema and we know for sure those diapers don't irritate it. He's a size 3 right now, but if you get us size 4s, I know we'll use them eventually! Also, though he's only 6.5 months, he wears 9-12 clothes. We could use both day and night clothes of that size, and the next size up would be helpful, too. For anything and everything you do, especially prayers, we thank you.

You might be wondering what effect this has on the PACT Internship. Unfortunately, through talking with our team and various leaders and mentors, we have decided it wisest to step out. While it has been an incredible experience, not to mention challenging, we just do not believe it will be possible to do both at the same time. However, this does not mean we cannot reattempt it next year, or in a few years. If God so calls us to, then by all means, we will follow Him and reapply for the PACT program.

Yet, we will still hold on to what Jesus commands of us, to make disciples. We will keep learning and retelling parables and stories of Jesus' life. We will keep trying to grow as disciples, especially with disciplines. Yet, we also will deeply miss the community we built these past 4 months with the other members of the PACT team. They became like family to us, and were some of the first people to help us with speed changing our apartment into a baby safe zone. Therefore, we ask not only for prayers for us and Dante, but also prayers for them.
Grace and Peace
The Mitchells

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Biaka Zaidarhzauva said...

Hey man, just started reading on all the older mails and I'm so sorry I haven't taken the time to read. But I really want to keep you guys in my prayer and would love to have a photo of you guys to put up on my fridge, where I already have the Foremans, Hortons, Rizo's, and Carneys. Would love to add the Mitchells. Let me know how much it would cost to get one, and I was amazed at how friendly Dante was immediately to me. Love you guys and praying for the future, and Congrats on Dante and graduating!