Friday, May 25, 2012

May Update

Last time we wrote, we had just picked up Dante from St Louis. Now, over a month later, we have much to write about. We have constantly seen God's provision for us through His Church (and even outside it!) We now have more than enough clothes and diapers to get through at least the end of the year. We also have been provided with (if our calculations are correct) enough money not only for the adoption fees, but also enough to cover the gas to drive to St Louis for the various court dates. Thank you for all who have contributed, not only in gifts, but more importantly, in prayer.

Now, as an update on himself, Dante is now almost 8 months old, he is about 22 pounds, and we think around 30" now. His bottom two teeth have broken through, and he's almost got to crawling. He seems to be very bright. He even noticed when we rearranged the living room furniture. We're excited to see him continue growing in wisdom and stature.

As for Casey and I, we officially are college graduates! As of May 19, we received our degrees from Ozark. I received my Bachelor in Christian Ministry with a Cross Cultural Ministry major, while Casey received her Associate in Christian Ministry with a specialization in Intercultural Ministry. She plans to eventually go on to get a degree in sociology. We're thankful for everyone who supported us through Ozark.

Now, in regard to our future, We are still searching and praying for what God has in store for us. The addition of Dante does change things, but we pray that we will still be able to be participants in global outreach. That may be as goers, but it might also be as senders. For now, we wait and see.
Until next time,
Grace and Peace


Monique Canada said...

Yay!!! you guys did it! Congratulations on your graduation. Thank you for being faithful, courageous and selfless to take in Dante as your child. What a blessing for you all. I will continue to pray for your strength and obedience in the Lord :)

Karl said...

Hey, thank you Monique! If you're ever in town, let me know and you can come meet him!