Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I am a Follower by Len Sweet

I first learned of BookSneeze through Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill. However, my first book was not one of his, or even one from a Mars Hill pastor. Rather, I noticed a Leonard Sweet book. I had never read one of his before, and upon reading the summary, my interest was definitely piqued. Therefore, I ordered, and shortly after, I received I am a Follower. This was back in mid December. Now, in the start of June, I have finally finished! It's only 260 pages (plus end notes), but I was finishing up school, doing an internship, and working 35 hours a week. However, aside from my busy-ness, this book was deep. Broken up into several sections with many mini-chapters, I slowly walked through this book. Before I bore you with how long it took me to get through this book, let me begin explaining the content that so enthralled me to the point I actually underlined, numerous times.
I am a Follower is a based on the thought that the Church is looking in the wrong places for leadership advice. While star CEOs and coaches may know how to lead massive corporations or teams to victory, the Church looking to them is missing a crucial figure: Jesus. Jesus is our source of leadership know how. CEOs show how to make the company number one. Jesus shows to make ourselves number zero. Coaches show how to beat the other team. Jesus shows to pray for those fighting against us. Jesus is always revolutionary, always counter-cultural.
As such, as those who say we follow Jesus, we must fight the urge to mimic the CEOs of the world, and imitate Christ instead. Will this book make you perfect? No. Will this book challenge you? Only if you let it. As Sweet beckons in this book, be a first follower among your friends. Follow Him, truly. Allow Him to overwhelm your life. Live with Him, and then invite others to follow along with you. I am trying. Will you join me?

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