Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pasts and Futures

Many of you may remember that one year ago today (Aug 21), my grammie passed away. This was a hard time for my family (and, occasionally, still is) However, we have many reminders of her all around us, through testimonies of people who knew her, to pictures she painted, recipes she made, or even things as simple as a colander. We constantly rejoice, thinking about her riding around on the streets of heaven enjoying life truly to the full, but at the same time we miss her.
One reason all of us really miss her is because several of us grandchildren now have children of our own. We lament that those from the past did not get to meet those of the future. Specifically for Casey and I, we wish she could have met Dante and seen what adventures we have been on with him. Which, in just a month (Sept 21), we will have our court date! We are hoping that this will be the only court hearing before finalization, but we are not holding our breath on that.
We have continued to try to learn how to just be a family. As a family, we decided to try to start doing more together, so we got a YMCA membership. Dante seems to love being around all the other little kids, while Casey and I can do a little stress relief. And, in terms of stress relief, we have adopted a little kitten. We've named her Darcy, and she is definitely a lot of fun to watch as she tries to soften up Edgar. (Casey says it's like her trying to soften me up.) We still haven't figured out what's going to be in the big picture for our future, but we definitely appreciate your prayers for it.
In terms of prayers, we do have one aside from the adoption and relearning being a family. Casey's step-grandmother, Rose, has been given only a few more months to live. Please be praying for the family. The weekend we go up for the court hearing, we will be spending time with them.

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