Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home Study, New Court Date and More!

So I know that we haven't posted anything since the end of September. For that, I am sorry. While I could make a defense that it was due to the anxiety caused by not knowing what was going to happen next for us in the adoption process, that is still not a valid reason. To be completely transparent, I've actually been a little angry at God and have been wrestling with Him about our situation. Many of you who know me know about how my plan (notice "my") to go to Germany a few years ago got derailed. Well, I had started to feel the same about how we had to stop our progress in PACT and with that direction once the adoption started. However, thanks to Casey and other wise counselors, I have come to remember that God has a higher plan, and to be at peace with it once more. Casey and I are now looking around (Joplin and across the nation) for ministry opportunities that we could possibly do post-adoption.

In terms of the adoption, we do have some exciting news. One of the new stipulations we had discovered back in September when the hearing got rescheduled was that the judge wanted a home study done, even though it was an in-family, uncontested, adoption. When we first looked into home studies, we were finding prices from $1000-3000, and that didn't even include paying for the worker's mileage! Well, a few weeks ago we were talking to a minister who has had home studies done, and he told us that Casey's old dorm dad did theirs. The next day she contacted him, and he has agreed (and the judge has consented!) to do our home study, at a very generous rate. After going back and forth trying to figure out when would be best (not to mention getting around the holiday...Happy Belated Thanksgiving, by the way!), we have settled on this Sunday, December 2nd. Casey and I are in high gear, spit shining and elbow greasing the apartment to perfection. This is only the first part of the home study, the second part will come later in the month.

The other news is that the court date has been set for January 28th. While there is a possibility that this could be a finalization of the adoption, that might not be the case. What might happen instead is that we will have another six months of custody, and then another hearing to finalize the adoption. Obviously, we would much rather the former rather than the latter. However, as I said already, we have come to peace with the situation and are content with whatever the outcome.

I don't know if we'll get a post out before Christmas, so we pray that everyone enjoys the holiday, and I encourage you to visit Advent Conspiracy.

Grace and peace,
The Mitchells


barbhnm said...

I am glad to read your latest news! It is hard to wait and I am sure you are not the first person to get mad at God. The good news is He loves us and forgives us! I am confident that the delays are going to bring much better results. We will keep praying for the adoption process to get done...soon. Love, Barb

Charles Weber said...

Hey Karl, this is Charlie (Weber) you know from on top of the hill in willy ;). Anyway good to hear about the successes in your life recently man. If you are looking for a ministry to possibly get involved with and are interested in adoption/foster care you should check out this ministry.

its pretty epic. We will be praying for you as you go about the search, it can be very dishearting at times (I have just ended mine, more on that later if you want to talk about it).

Just keep these two things in mind
1) God has a plan, even when He doesn't share it with us.
2) You are an amazing man of God and when rejection comes they are not rejecting Karl, they are rejecting a piece of paper (because they lost out on getting to actually know Karl).

Karl said...

Barb - Thank you! I'm sure I'm not, and I'm glad he does! I know that's true about the delays, but it's hard to see that in foresight. Thanks for your prayers :)

Charlie - How could I forget you? Haha. I'd look into it, but honestly we'd love to get out of tornado alley. Where have you guys ended up? And thank you for the reminders!