Monday, January 28, 2013

Court Hearing

This coming Sunday is the Super Bowl which got me thinking about getting ready for the court hearing. Not in terms of how they practice for it, but how the organizers plan to celebrate it. My understanding is they pre-make the shirts, hats, etc with the "winners" names and logos emblazoned on it, so they're ready no matter what the outcome. I honestly thought about writing up two different blogs, with both outcomes. However, I realized I could not write those, especially emotionally. With that said, and an added drum roll....

Pending submission to the Bureau of Vital Statistics, Dante is now a MITCHELL! The Honourable Judge Ike Lamke declared the adoption finalized at approximately 10 am on Monday January 28! After 9.5 months and countless hoops, we are done. We are a family of three not just by love, but by law. Yet, no matter what we've done, none of it could have been done without your initial or ongoing support and prayers. From the diapers to the crib to the clothes to the gift cards (which bought more diapers) to everything else, thank you.

Now, with this change there are new opportunities for us. First and foremost, we are no longer bound to the state of Missouri. Therefore, if we so desire and God provides, we can move. God has provided financially, so in that aspect it's an option. The second part of opportunities is that over the past month or so I have been noticing a few jobs that look particularly interesting to myself. A few are at Logos Bible Software in Washington state, which is very appealing because as I much as I love the Southwest, the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and full of romance. There is, of course another option: that of applying for a transfer of duty to another office for Aegis Communications. While I am thankful for the skills I have learned from this company, especially in terms of Microsoft Excel, I feel I need to pursue something much more fulfilling (and that helps make use of a 131 hours at a Christian college).

Now a note on our physical health. The past few months both Casey and I have been sick several times. We believe it was in part due to the stress and pressure of the hearing and not knowing what was going to happen. So, as I sit here sniffling and soothing my sore throat with a milk shake, we are praying that are immune systems will finally have a little rest. In case they don't improve, though, we have signed up for something called Medishare. It's an ancient concept, brought into the modern age. Built around the practice in the book of Acts where the Christians took care of each other and none had needs, it's a counter cultural healthcare solution. (And for those of you against the Affordable Care Act, it is an exemption.) If you desire to check it out, please go through this link: Medishare. (Yeah, we get a referral bonus, but so can you if you refer someone. Even if you're not a member.)

Thank you all for being on this journey with us. As we go into whatever our next phase of life will be, we will be deciding whether to continue sending updates via email, or just by blog. If by blog, more than likely we will change it to something more apt than "Reisen Karls", which means Travels of Karl. We'll discuss that more on the next update, but please keep that in mind.

For now, grace and peace.
Karl, Casey and DANTE Mitchell.


Matt Stafford said...

That's such good news! Thanks for sharing and keeping me up to date on God's work in your lives.

Karl said...

Matt, thank you! We definitely will!