Friday, February 22, 2013


In our life together, we've gone through many transitions. Not only that, but fast transitions. The biggest was when we got married. We learned what it was like to live together. Unfortunately, we didn't get to enjoy the Newlywed phase, considering we had a long year of crazy weather including the F5 tornado.  Then barely two years later we got Dante. We learned what it was like to be parents. Similarly to the marriage transition, here we skipped right over the nine months of pregnancy and the first six months of his life and were parents basically overnight. Finally, as the adoption has been finalized, we are looking to transition to a new location with a new job.

As mentioned before, I was applying at several places. The five main locations to which I applied were Logos Bible Software, Mars Hill Seattle, Los Angeles Mission, KCTS (PBS station for Washington and Canada in Seattle), and Verizon Wireless in Albuquerque. While it has been over two weeks (three for some) on four of those positions with no response, Verizon called and did a phone interview within two days of my application. I submitted it on Saturday night and this past Monday they contacted me. We are visiting Albuquerque this coming week for an in person interview and skills assessment. Initially, we wanted to move to the West Coast and be a part of a church or parachurch ministry. However, we have been praying about moving to Albuquerque ever since we were engaged. We feel at this point in our life, we are being called there. Back to the theme of transitions, if hired I am to start April 15th. Thus, our transition to Albuquerque will also be swift. We are preparing for the possible move by getting price quotes on moving trucks and also by house rental shopping. Hopefully, I will be offered a job on the 27th, and on the 28th we will be able to find a rental and put in our application. We are thankful and excited for this opportunity and appreciate your prayers about it!

In the end, each of these transitions has been quick and sometimes without notice. However, we have got through them (sometimes less than gracefully), and hopefully are stronger for it. We are not sure where God is leading us (though we do have an idea, but that's for a later post), but we are glad He is with us. We are also thankful for those of you who are with us. Which brings me to two more points..

First, as it appears we are being led away from the mission field as well as from church/parachurch ministry for the time being, we feel this blog (and the accompanying email updates) have reached their end. We will still send them out. However, the next time you view it they may look different (depending how quickly I get a chance to tinker with settings). Second, related to this, for the blog I will be changing the blog URL. When I started this in 2007 (!!!), it's purpose was to keep in touch while I was travelling on missions trips, etc. Hence, Reisen Karls, which means "Travels of Karl." Now, as I do plan to keep updating it, and perhaps more frequently, after much deliberation I will be changing the URL to Schriften Karls means Writings of Karl, which seems more applicable now. Please keep that handy as I will be changing it by the first week of April most likely.

If you receive these via MailChimp and do not wish to keep in touch any longer, feel free to unsubscribe. I will understand. If you want to keep in touch, please find my on twitter (karlpmitchell) or email me. If you just read these here on blogspot or your RSS feed, thanks. (I've also added a function near the top right to make it easier for you to subscribe!)

For now, grace and peace.
The Mitchells
PS If you love getting healthy, eating right, and life in general, please check out Casey's blog here: A Few Thoughts About Life.

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Mom said...

God is good - no matter where He leads! We hope it's here - but wherever He wants you is where we want you to be. Love, Mom!