Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being a Mom

Today's post is written by my lovely wife Casey, who usually blogs on her Wordpress. Yes, I realize I probably don't have the readership that most bloggers have who have "guest bloggers". However, I love her thoughts on this subject and wanted to share them with you.
 I have to admit, I'm somewhat of a feminist. I grew up in a home where I was taught to be a strong independent woman who could do anything as long as I set my mind to it. I was also very stubborn so when family members (mostly men) told me I couldn't, I always proved them wrong and did.

So how shocking was it for me when God led me to be a stay at home? Pretty shocking, especially since I always said that I would NEVER do that. I loved working, but the fact is, God wants my ministry to be my home. And for those who believe being a stay at home mom is for wusses, I have news for you. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done. The general description I would give of my 'job' is to make sure veryone else in the home is taken care of and comfortable before I am.

We have decided we want to do foster care in a couple years and also continue to adopt. It's interesting how three years ago I said I'd be in another country caring for the least of these, orphans, widows, and homeless. But God is taking us to another city where I'll be able to house and care for the least of these, orphans, widows, and homeless. The name of job doesn't make me any less strong or independent. If anything, it makes me more. I just needed convincing.

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!!!!! So happy that being a mom and wife is what God has in mind for you, but you are SO much more!!!! I love you very much. By the way, Karl, I think you're a terrific dad. Dante needs the two of you as much as you need him. I'm very happy for the three of you!