Sunday, March 24, 2013


To start with small business matters, I have officially changed my blog url. Not only that, but I changed my mind again about what it should be. I have decided to be all things to all men, where I am for the time being, and changed it to an English title rather than a German title. Thus, you see Writings of Karl rather than Schriften Karls. (In part, I blame Google translator on my change of mind. Many wouldn't know what it meant, and would probably end up there. It kept saying "Letters of Charles" rather than "Writings of Karl." Not a fan of that.) Therefore, with that, I am declaring a new start to this blog especially as we continue our transition to a new phase of life.

On to more pressing matters... We had what we would like to consider a successful going away open house on the 17th. Granted, not nearly as many of our friends could make it as we would have liked. Thankfully, for many of those, we have been able to spend time with them this past week and this coming week. However, no matter how many would have shown up, I don't think it would have been any more enjoyable. Of all the things we think we will miss from Joplin, our friends are definitely at the top. We tried making a list of any venues or restaurants or activities that we won't have access to in Albuquerque, and the very few that we could think of were only on the list because of the people that work there. For instance, Norma's Diner (19th and Main in Joplin). The reason I started going there even before Casey and I met was because of the owners. I met them while working at Del Rio and was intrigued by their accent. My curiosity got to me and I found out they were Eastern European, and we became good friends. We ate there one last time today, and I almost cried as I gave Burim a hug. Do me a favor, and go eat there for us. Especially eat anything with the gyro meat and cucumber sauce.

This Sunday (the 24th, since most of you won't read this until Monday or later), we will be attending College Heights for the last time in we don't know how long. I've been going there since I think my sophomore year at Ozark and it is also where Casey and I have called home since we got married. Our spiritual family is there, and I've already cried once as some friends prayed over us and bid us goodbye. We hate saying goodbye. This move is more bittersweet than we could have imagined. We have literally asked our friends to move with us. Yes, we will more than likely find a church body of which to be a part. However, there might be a delay between us finding it and us letting ourselves open up to a new part of the Body.

I want to discuss many more topics, such as worrying about the drive (especially with an 18 month old and two felines), blessings such as a random connection via twitter that is going to lighten our unpacking burden, and others. However, I feel this is lengthy enough.

Friends, we will miss you. You have helped shape us and our future.
Thank you.
Grace and Peace

PS This is my 100th post! Here's to 100 more!

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